about the villa.

About Omkara Resort

Due to the Villa’s  sense of spaciousness, comfort and privacy, guests may be reluctant to venture much beyond its teakwood-capped walls and luxuriant gardens. Delightfully original, the villa’s architectural design draws on the Indonesian archipelago’s rich heritage and abundance of natural materials. Paying heed to traditional Indonesian home layouts, Omkara Resort accommodation is spread over two levels, with a roof of ironwood shingles.

In a contemporary interpretation of the old timber houses of Java, teakwood is much in evidence throughout the villa, showcasing supreme craftsmanship and creating a depth of character that belies its newness (the villa was completed mid-2012). The living space is defined by the extensive use of teak pillars and panels recycled from an old post independence hotel. The teak windows and doors are another interesting feature, influenced by colonial Dutch architecture.

Such expansive use of teak is complemented by other natural materials including Yogya white stone, Yogyakarta lavastone, hand made cement tiles and reclaimed Cararra marble. And sitting comfortably among these traditional materials are the trappings of convenient 21st Century living: flat-screen TVs and home entertainment systems, WiFi throughout, and a superbly equipped kitchen.

The recently remodeled two bedroom villa in Yogyakarta is near Borobodur(35km); Prambanan (30km); Merapi Golf Course (10km), Hyatt Golf Course, Amplaz Mall and Sultan’s Palace.  It’s combination of clean, modern style and many amenities make it the most affordable value for the price of any vacation home in the Jogja korta region


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